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Arrange for a home inspection in Tujunga & Burbank, CA

Problems could be lurking in your crawlspace or attic without you even knowing. One Stop Home Inspections goes through your home point by point to determine if any aspect of the building requires service, repairs or replacement. Your home inspection won't take too long, and it will save you from trouble in the long run.

Letting problems fester only increases repair costs. Don't hesitate. As soon as you suspect you may need an inspection, reach out to us. We'll examine all the most significant parts of your home. These include:

Roofs and gutters
HVAC systems
Electrical wiring

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Hire a home inspector to examine the details of your house

If you're getting ready to sell your home or buy a new one, get it checked by a home inspector. We'll file a report you can use when deciding whether you need to find a contractor.

You should also have your new business location looked over. Keep your employees and clients safe by scheduling a commercial building inspection.

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Learn more about One Stop Home Inspections

For 10 years, we did construction work and learned the ins and outs of safe homebuilding. This background helps us know what to look for when we inspect homes and commercial buildings.

We understand how important the home buying decision is for you and your family. Making the right decision is hard. We're here to help you feel confident in your purchase.

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